Can you get Dental Implants In Mexico?

Dental implants can positively impact a person’s body and overall health, as well as increase how comfortable their mouth feels overall. Dental implants may be a cost effective alternative for someone who is seeking dental work to get the look and feel of more natural teeth that are functional. The professionals at Dental Image strive to provide their clients with quality affordable care. Scheduling an initial consultation can help determine if dental implants are right for you. Common questions received by the professionals at the clinic are listed below.


What do dental implants feel like?

Patients often wonder if dental implants will feel like their real teeth. Dental implants are actually designed to mimic a real tooth, from everything from positioning to appearance. Once the initial healing process is complete, it will be unlikely that you will notice your dental implants. Since the tooth is fake and not real, there will be no sensitivity to hot or cold foods that a normal tooth would experience. A patient, however, is unlikely to notice this.

Can you get dental implants in Mexico?

There are several professional clinics that provide dental implants in Mexico. One of these is the highly-acclaimed Dental Image, which provides affordable care to their patients. Their dedicated team of professionals are well-versed in dental implant procedures and operations, evaluating what the best procedure would be for each individual patient.

 How much does a dental implant cost in Tijuana, Mexico?

Dental implant costs in Mexico can vary, depending on the individual patient. The number of implants wanted or needed is considered, as well as any other possible prior procedures that will need to be done before surgery. It is always best to consult a professional, such as at Dental Image, in order to get the best estimate.

Dental implants in Tijuana, Mexico will determine on the type of implant needed and the number of implants, as well as other varying factors. However, the standard prices for dental implants in Mexico are much lower than that of the same procedures in the United States.

 What is the best dental implant?

There is no dental implant that is better than the next. Each individual patient may have a dental implant that will be better suited for them versus someone else needing a dental implant. There are two main types of implants. These are endosteal and subperiosteal. Endosteal implants are placed inside the jawbone and are the most common types of implants. Subperiosteal implants are not placed inside the jawbone, but are under the gums.

What are the disadvantages of dental implants?

Dental implants require a big commitment. You need to be willing to really take care of your dental implants to ensure they last a long time. Dental implants can often take time as well. This is because bone heals slowly. If you need bone grafting to be done, the treatment time could become extended.

 What is the failure rate of dental implants?

Dental implants actually have a high success rate. However, some people could experience dental implant failure. The rate of dental implant failure is estimated to be around five to ten percent. This could be to underlying factors or improper care of the implants.

 What are the signs of dental implant failure?

In the instance of dental implant failure, there will be signs patient will observe that could tell them they are experiencing rejection of the implant. If the gums remained inflamed and chewing becomes painful or difficult, the dental implants may be failing. A patient who suspects the implant is loosening may also be experiencing failure.

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