Dental Vacay in Baja: What to expect?

Dental Vacay in Baja: What to expect?

Each year, hundreds of thousands of people travel to Baja Mexico. They travel for business, pleasure and even medical treatments. One of the top types of medical tourism to Tijuana is for dental implants and other dental procedures.  

There are a number of top Tijuana dentists that specialize in dental implants procedures, orthodontics and other cosmetic specialties. Many are trained in the United States and other top universities around the world, like those at Dental Image. When traveling to Baja for a dental vacay, there are a few things you should know ahead of time about transportation, the procedure and recovery and the surrounding area.  


Getting to Tijuana can be simple and seamless with the right preparation. As one of the busiest border crossings in the world, there are a number of points to take note of before making the trip. If crossing from San Diego to Tijuana in your own vehicle, be sure to carry not only your proper identification documents like your passport, but also your U.S. driver’s license. You’ll also need separate Mexican car insurance as your U.S. automobile policy won’t be valid. Having your own car will allow you to travel to and from the dental office at your own convenience. If you would prefer to cross the border and then rent a car in Mexico you can certainly do that as well. Some dental offices will assist with arranging transportation as well. Either way, no matter what you decide, you should always factor in extra travel time to ensure you are on time for your procedure.  

Procedure and Recovery 

If you’re considering a dental procedure in Mexico, you’ll want to know how much dental implants in Mexico cost. Start out by doing your research on the various dental offices available. Research the dental implant center Tijuana reviews and call the providers to learn more. Offices like Dental Image provide complimentary phone consultations. As an international patient, it is especially important to understand the process, timeline and expected recovery associated with your dental implants procedure 

Another critical question you should add to your list is about the pricing. Find out whether the clinic accepts dental insurance. Many reputable offices will accept your U.S. dental insurance, which will drastically reduce the cost of your procedure. It also makes the process a stress-free one. Plus, the dental procedures are much more affordable in Tijuana to begin with – something your pockets will love. You’ll want to also figure out the recovery time and whether or not you’ll need a follow up shortly after. If so, you may want to plan to spend a few days in Baja.  

Exploring Baja

When traveling to Baja for a dental vacay, you may want to arrive a day or two early to explore, if possible. Baja is a beautiful region in Mexico and has ample sites and attractions you won’t want to miss. If you are staying in Tijuana, be sure to stroll down the Avenida Revolucion, grab a bite at the Telefonica Gastro Park and get a history lesson at Museo de las Californias. Here are some other awesome ideas to check out. You may also want to carve out some time for a day trip to nearby Rosarito Beach. 

If you’re planning a dental visit across the border, it is important to plan your trip in advance. Consider what mode of transportation you would like to use, so you can be prepared with all proper documentation to enter Mexico. Know what to expect when it comes to your dental implants procedure, so you can plan for not only the procedure itself but also the recovery time. Lastly, if you can, you may want to consider extending your trip beforehand so you can explore the city. You already made the trip – now make the memories (and dental improvements) to last a lifetime!

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