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Give your child a bright future. Our pediatric dentist gives them the best care available, starting at a young age, to promote a bright smile to last a lifetime.

Quality Dental Care for Your Little Ones

Our specialize team of pediatric dentist are focused in providing excellent dental care. At Dental Image we strive to create an ambiance of cheerfulness to help the children feel relax and at home.

First visit to the Dentist

The perfect age for the first dentist visit is around 1 year. This enables us to begin a prevention program to prevent cavities and other dental problems. However, if you suspect a problem before the first birthday, you should bring them to the office before 1 year.

Dental Care that Grows with your Baby

Baby teeth come in at different times for each child. It usually happens within the first six months, but it can take 8 months or more for some babies.

The first teeth to come in are most commonly the front lower teeth. As teething begins, the teeth coming through the gums will cause pain for the baby. Massage and cold applications will help ease some of the pain.

At age 7 to 8, they start losing their first set of teeth, which are eventually replaced by permanent teeth. Tooth decay and disease could develop without proper oral hygiene.

Pediatric dentists specialize in babies through teens.

Our Dental Pediatricians, assistants and staff grow with you as your children grow into adulthood. We specialize in dental care for children in kindergarten all the way through high school. Providing you with specific attention to any school age stage.


Image is the entire world to a teenager. An impressive smile will go a long way to boost the confidence of a teen. White teeth are the first step to adolescent acceptance.

Teens should be encouraged to take responsibility for their dental health. Early checkups, professional dental care, and teaching of good oral practices, such as hygiene and proper nutrition, lead to a healthier smile and less complications in later life.

Invisalign Teen® takes a modern approach to straightening teeth. More comfortable, accessible, and effective than traditional braces, it uses a series of clear aligners that gradually straighten the teeth.

Dental Image also provides service to special needs children.

Dental care for patients with physical, medical, developmental, or cognitive disabilities is often difficult. Dental Image strives to provide understanding and compassion to its special needs patients for a less traumatic experience.

Have the best exceptional dental care that focuses specifically on meeting the needs of children with special development throughout the United States and Mexico.

We recommend regular visits to the dentist

Regular checkups and cleanings early in a child’s development will decrease the fear of dentists later in life. Since small cavities can develop on teeth that look clean, before decay is visible to the human eye, regular checkups are extremely important for all ages. Every six months is recommended.

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Some people do not get their dental treatments done due to fear of visiting the dentist. But if your fears have kept you from the clinic when you’re aware you should go, don’t lose heart! Conscious sedation with nitrous oxide can help you lose the jitters and make the whole experience stress-free. You won’t even remember when it’s over!

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