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Where is the Best Country for Dental Work?

Medical and dental tourism is a significantly important industry as healthcare costs in some countries, like the United States, continue to increase exorbitantly each year. For many people, it is much less expensive to travel to another country for medical and dental work – even when including travel costs. Other reasons that people travel for medical and dental care is to seek treatments that are not available in their home country or they may be immigrants that prefer to travel back to their home country for treatment. For whatever reason that people choose to travel for medical or dental work, the biggest question that comes to mind is, where is the best country for dental work?

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Significant Cost Savings in Mexico

Residents from the United States can expect significant savings on dental work in Mexico – to the tune of forty to sixty percent! Although there are several countries that may have an overall lower cost in dental work, when travel expenses are considered, Mexico is typically going to be the least expensive for Americans to travel to. The main reason that dental work is so much less in Mexico is that the overhead for dentists is much lower than in the U.S. The cost of living is much lower in Mexico meaning rent or mortgage payments on the office building and wages are lower. Dentists in Mexico are not required to have malpractice insurance, which is very expensive in the U.S. Additionally, dentists in Mexico don’t carry student loans like in the U.S.

Mexico Dental Tourism

Dental Tourism Industry Caters to Americans

Some cities, such as Tijuana and Los Algodones, are so well-known for dental tourism that thousands of Americans travel to these cities each year. In fact, the city of Los Algodones’ main industry is dental tourism, so much so that it has been donned “Molar City.” There are over 300 dentists and numerous labs resulting in getting work done quickly and inexpensively. Another aspect of dental tourism in Mexico is that many dentists accept American insurance, adding to the savings. Dental offices in Mexico also have English-speaking staff to make it easier for Americans to work with them. 

Mexico is Easy to Travel to

Although some other dental work in other destinations may be cheaper, Mexico is simply the easiest to travel for Americans. The main reason is that tourists can drive to it. At the border, tourists have a couple of options: they can drive their own vehicle across the border to have access to it while they travel, or they can take advantage of a taxi or public transportation. Additionally, many dental offices in Mexico offer transportation from the border crossing entry ports to their patients. Because Mexico is so frequently traveled to by Americans generally, many airlines offer travel deals that add to the savings if driving isn’t an option. 

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Quality Dental Work 

As with any dentist in the United States, patients should do their research when considering dental tourism. Dental work, even with significant savings, can still be expensive and the risk of complications and the impending pain can be scary. However, many dentists in Mexico receive quality education both in Mexico and internationally. Look at reviews online and the experience the dentist has. Many dentists in Mexico also are members of international and American organizations, which only helps cement their quality education. 

Mexico is the best country for dental work, especially for Americans, for many reasons. It is easy to get there, whether flying or driving. The cost savings are significant over those in the U.S. Mexico is a beautiful country and offers plenty of vacation options for tourists that also happen to be getting some dental work done! 


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