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Where Can I Get Dental Implants in Mexico?

Dental Implants in Mexico - Dental Image

The key to getting dental implants done in Mexico is the big savings any patient can get. In fact, most American citizens save anywhere from 50-70% on every dental procedure they sign up for in Mexico versus the United States.

Outside of prices, the dentists and medical services out in Mexico bring the highest standards and utmost personalized treatment to the table.

In knowing all of this, where do you begin? Where should you go to get your dental implant procedures done? Where should the research start?

Well, we’re going to talk about dental implants for a few moments – and then we’re going to hop right into the best of the best dental offices in Mexico. Are you ready to jump aboard this ride?

Dental Implants in Mexico

Why Should You Get Your Dental Implants Done in Mexico?

 The reasons are endless, but we’re going to discuss the most popular circumstances that will surely get you thinking, “Is this the right move for me? I think so!”

Reason #1: The prices.

As mentioned in the intro, the prices are so cheap, it’s a no brainer to say yes to the deals given in Mexico. It’s a fact that just getting one implant in Mexico is thousands of dollars cheaper than that of the United States – and that includes travel and accommodations! How can one implant in America total in around $2,500 yet one implant, airfare, and hotel stay in Mexico doesn’t come close to that? We have no idea.

Reason #2: Excuse for a vacation.

With the prices being so cheap, it’s no wonder most travelers that come for dental implants extend their stay. Typically, the stay will be longer before the procedure is completed, so that healing and resting time can be prioritized after the procedure. We don’t want you staying in Mexico in a bit of pain after your procedure just to find you didn’t have time to enjoy our elegant beaches!

Dental Tourism in Mexico

Reason #3: The professionals are completely trained and certified.

These dentists didn’t just learn the techniques, they’ve perfected them – not to mention they use professional instruments and the best of the best materials just like the United States! They’re on top of their game, making sure they stay up-to-date with the latest laws, procedures, and trends.

So, Where Can You Go to Get These Implants?

After hearing about affordable prices, a potential vacation, and the best professionals working on you and your mouth, we’re sure you’re convinced or just at your breaking point to give us a call. Make the call! Or, email us!

Some of the best offices you’ll want to look into are as follows:

  • Sani Dental Group in Los Algodones, Baja California
  • Ideal Dental Center, Mexico City
  • Cancun Dental Specialists, Cancun


How Long Will It Take to Get Dental implants?

To be honest, each procedure can vary in length of time. The process requires the dentist to install the implant, apply the abutment and secure the crown. First, the implant is inserted into the bone of the jaw, acting as a stabilized artificial tooth root. Then, the abutment acts as the middle man, attaching the crown and the screw in implant together.

To fully finalize the treatment, two trips are often needed to the dentist’ office.

Dental Implants in Mexico - Dental Image

The first of the two trips focuses on X-rays and CT scans to get the pictures the dentist needs to analyze the damage. Then, the dental impressions are completed to determine the size and type of implants and crowns deemed necessary to finish the procedure correctly. Tooth extraction and dental implant placement are entirely conducted during this first visit.

When you come back approximately three to six months later, the implants will have fused to the jaw bone, meaning it’s time to place the abutment and crowns to fully give you that beautiful smile you’ve been waiting for.

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