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Why are Dental Implants So Much Cheaper in Mexico?

why are dental implants so much cheaper in mexico

Like many things in the United States, dental work is more expensive, especially dental implants. Dental implants require specific materials and specialized talent to be completed successfully. The U.S., now more than ever, is seeing rising inflation costs in practically every market – from materials to labor, so it should come as no surprise that dentistry falls into one of the professions suffering from inflation. However, before the changing economy, dental implants were still much cheaper in Mexico for several reasons! 

Why Are Dental Implants More Expensive in the U.S.? 

It’s important to understand first why dentistry is more expensive in the United States. Have you ever noticed that you can visit multiple dentists and get different quotes from each one and that those quotes can vary, a lot? Dentists, both in the U.S. and in Mexico, are artists in their craft. Like any craft, there are those that are better than others. 

  • Often, as dentists in the U.S. begin to be recognized as “better” dentists, they can begin to raise their prices, like in any artistic profession. 
  • Similar to other professions, there are high overhead costs, such as office space and staff, expensive professional insurance, and paying off educational loans. 
  • Laboratory work can be quite expensive as well. Whether your dentist invests in their own equipment or sources it out to a freestanding lab, higher quality does tend to equal higher cost. 
  • Dental insurance doesn’t cover very much of dental work, including dental implants, in the U.S. making the total cost even higher for the patients.

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Professional Costs in Mexico are Much Cheaper

The main difference between dental implant costs in Mexico and the United States is that overhead in Mexico is much cheaper

  • The dentist schools in Mexico are highly recognized as having good quality education, so the dentists are still well educated – but university fees in Mexico simply cost less, resulting in a post-graduate dentist being able to provide services without a massive debt hanging over their head. 
  • Real estate is significantly less in Mexico, resulting in a lower cost of living, which in turn means that staff wages are less as well. 
  • Generally, dentists in the U.S. require multiple visits for the same procedures that are done in Mexico in one or two visits, which cuts down on patient costs. 
  • Most dentists in Mexico have in-house laboratories cutting down on both outsourcing costs and resulting in quicker turnaround for patients. 
  • Dentists in Mexico do not have to pay for exorbitant dental insurance for their practice like dentists in the U.S. 

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United States Dental Insurance is Often Accepted in Mexico

Not only are the base costs lower in Mexico, but many dental insurance plans in the U.S. also cover services in Mexico. Although the plans may not cover the same percentage as in the U.S. it still results in being much cheaper due to the overall lower cost of dental services in Mexico. 

Dental Implants in Mexico are Considerably Less Expensive

It’s no surprise then that over a million people travel from the United States to Mexico each year for dental services, especially dental implants, to take advantage of the skilled dental craftsmen that dentists in Mexico are. Rather than making four, five, or even more visits to the dentist for dental implants, in Mexico it is usually accomplished over two or three days. Many offices offer complimentary shuttles from the border to make travel simpler for their patients and are located in convenient areas to make their patients’ stay in Mexico a pleasant experience. 


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