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Porcelain crowns create a natural look by replacing the outer portion of the teeth. Crowns can restore the shape of a tooth and be colored matched to the rest of the teeth.

In the case of trauma, severe enamel erosion, or cavities that destroy most of the original tooth, crowns are the treatment of choice. A crown can strengthen a badly broken or decayed tooth. They look more like the original tooth, maybe better, and function like the original tooth.

Crowns that fit correctly can last for many years, maybe even decades.

A fixed porcelain bridge is a cost effective and quicker process for replacing a lost tooth. It is a functional and natural-looking solution. Bridges are made of durable material, sculpted to look natural, and are easy to take care of with regular brushing and cleaning.

Some patients would prefer a bridge because of the way they feel and the easy maintenance.

Porcelain veneers are thin porcelain pieces used to create a natural tooth appearance.

The laminated veneers consist of several thin layers of ceramic with an adhesive layer to replace the original tooth enamel. To apply a veneer, a small amount of tooth enamel would be removed, although only less than 1 millimeter.

Veneers are the perfect solution for misshaped or chipped teeth or can be used for a gap between teeth.

The preferred method for tooth whitening is in a dental office by a professional. The gums and other part of the mouth are protected from the whitening agents during the application.

The best whitening systems protect the tooth enamel with buffering agents.

The most common myth with tooth whitening is that it leaves you with hypersensitive teeth.

Professional whitening is extremely effective. Teeth can change up to 10 shades lighter in approximately an hour! A single office visit can provide fantastic results.

Zoom Whitening® is the brand most recommended by dentists around the world.

Composite resin is a minimally invasive option for a tooth that is chipped, cracked, decayed, or otherwise damaged. It is less expensive than porcelain veneers or crowns and, if cared for properly, will last a long time.

Composite resins are tooth-colored materials that can be bonded directly over the damaged surface of a tooth. The resin is mixed to match the color of the surrounding teeth to look natural.

Resin can also be used to reshape a tooth to look more symmetric smile.

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