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Why is Tijuana Your Best Option for Teeth and Dental Whitening?

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Teeth and Zoom Whitening in Tijuana

Having shiny, white teeth can give you an advantage in ways you do not expect. Whether you are going on a date, speaking in public, or attending a job interview, a beautiful white smile can provide you with the self-assurance and confidence to express yourself and impress the other party.

Unfortunately, a lot of individuals have lost the whiteness of their teeth due to the food they eat or poor oral hygiene. Food substances such as tea, tobacco, coffee, candy, soda drinks, wine, caffeinated drinks, dark berries, etc., play major roles in the discoloration of our teeth.

Asides that, not taking adequate care of your teeth and gums can also leave you with discolored, stained, or decayed teeth. Teeth whitening in Tijuana, Mexico offers an incredible opportunity to help restore the gleam and whiteness of your teeth.

Teeth Whitening is Expensive in the United States and Canada

Everyone deserves a beautiful set of sparkling, clean, white teeth. However, a lot of individuals living in the United States and Canada are often discouraged from undergoing the teeth whitening procedure due to the expenses involved. One of their primary concern is the teeth whitening prices.

In the United States, dental implants and cosmetic dental procedures like teeth whitening are costly. No wonder thousands of Americans now travel across the border, to Tijuana or Mexico for their dental procedures – NY Times. With these, some of these individuals have been able to save cost on their dental procedure.

Unlike Tijuana or Mexico where an average teeth whitening procedure often ranges from $100 to $200, the same procedure will cost you between $500 and $1000 in the United States or Canada. With the expensive and inflated costs, don’t you think it will be wise to travel across the border for your teeth whitening procedure?

If you are still contemplating whether to go for a Mexican dental vacation to see a well-experienced teeth whitening dentist in Mexico, this post is for you. Here, we will be taking a look at why Tijuana, Mexico may be the best option for your teeth and dental whitening.

Teeth Whitening in Tijuana is up to 80% lower in cost compared to the U.S 

In America, the teeth whitening in-office procedure cost about $600. The same procedure can be done for only $150 in Tijuana, Mexico. This means you can save between 50% and 80% if you can get the procedure done in across the border.

What’s more, laser teeth whitening procedure costs approximately $200 in Mexico. On the other hand, if you are living in America or Canada, you may need to pay as much as $900 for a laser teeth whitening procedure. The teeth whitening products such as the teeth whitening gel and take home kit which costs $500 in the United States only cost $150 in Mexico.

Furthermore, the zoom whitening procedure which cost an average of $200 in Mexico will cost you up to $500 in the United States or Canada. When you consider the difference in price, it will become clear to you that dentist in the United States and Canada only charge a lot. However, if you decide to go on a Mexican dental vacation, you can save cost on your teeth whitening procedure.

Well-Experienced Teeth Whitening Dentist Handle the Procedure

The belief that only the United States and Canada have qualified cosmetic dentists is more of a myth. The dental practices in Mexico have their integrity to protect. Hence, they only employ qualified, well-experienced, and knowledgeable dentists.

Also, these Mexican dentists have been certified to provide cosmetic dental procedures such as teeth whitening to both kids and adults. With this, you will have the needed peace of mind that the teeth whitening procedure will be handled by experienced and competent specialists.

What’s more, the teeth whitening dentist in Tijuana, Mexico have distinguished themselves as a result of their kindness, compassion, and friendliness. These dental professionals are always ready to dedicate everything available at their disposal and go to any length just to provide you with the very best of dental care services. Thus, making Tijuana, Mexico, the best place for dental tourism – Forbes.

Teeth Whitening Procedure Is Carried Out With State-Of-The-Art Dental Equipment & Advanced Technology

In recent times, Mexico has become a force to reckon with in the world of cosmetic dentistry. The dental practices all over the country make use of the latest, state-of-the-art dental equipment and sophisticated techniques for their teeth whitening procedures.

Whether you are opting for the teeth whitening in-office procedure, laser teeth whitening, or zoom whitening procedure, everything will be carried out using advanced technology and refined techniques. Thus, you can expect a safe procedure that gives excellent results.

Top Reviewed Dentist in Tijuana

Dr Manrique is one of the best dentists in Baja in my opinion. He is highly professional and is an expert at his craft, he is kind friendly and explains everything thoroughly, and I loved the whole experience of going to Tijuana.

If you're looking for a new dentist, look no further, this is the best there is so your search should stop here. Your teeth & smile will thank you!

Kelly Castelo
Kelly Castelo

I HAD THE BEST EXPERIENCE, PAIN FREE, AND MY dental insurance covered almost everything!!!
The staff is so wonderfull, as the facilities are top of the line, so clean and didn´t need to go anywhere else, they have everything in house (XRAYS AND LAB).
All the doctors are bilingual, and accepted all US credit and debit cards. There were no international transaction fees because they are BBB certified, and Bank of America gave them the confidence to have selling point at site, so US citizen can be in Mexico without cash.

Sergio Castillo
Sergio Castillo

Know the Benefits of Teeth and Zoom Whitening in Tijuana

Another advantage of going on a Mexican dental vacation is because of the guarantee offered by the dental practices in Mexico. If you do not achieve the clean, shiny white you want after the procedure, the teeth whitening dentist will be responsible for the cost. You may decide to seek compensation or redo the procedure.

On the contrary, you may not be offered this privilege in the United States or Canada. Hence, by travelling across the border for your teeth whitening procedure, you can save yourself the disappointment or added cost if you do not achieve the level of teeth whiteness you want.

Have you been trying to schedule an appointment with your American dentist and still unable to do so? Guess it’s time to consider travelling to Mexico. Unlike in Canada or the US, it is quite easy to schedule an appointment with the teeth whitening dentist. You don’t have to wait on a long queue before you are attended to. No matter the teeth whitening procedure you intend to do, the dentist will attend to you promptly. Above all, the initial consultation in Mexico is free.

Lastly, going on a Mexican dental vacation offers you an opportunity to kill two birds with a single stone. In addition to having your teeth whitening procedure, you can also go on vacation with your family and loved ones.

Once you are through with the teeth whitening procedure, you can see the Bullring by the Sea, savor some Mexican cuisines, or visit the Avenida Revolución. Other places to explore during your Mexican dental tourism include the Centro Cultural Tijuana, beautiful Mexican Beaches, and so forth. A lot of dental tourism agency Mexico offer affordable dental vacation packages for you to choose from.

There you have it! Above are some of the reasons why Tijuana is your best option for your teeth whitening procedure. Teeth whitening in Mexico City is affordable and fast. The procedure will be carried out by certified dentists using state-of-the-art dental equipment and sophisticated techniques. With this, they will help restore the natural whiteness and gleam of your teeth.

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