Dental Implants

With Dental Implants, welcome to the world of no more pain. When you lose teeth, your bones and gums may shrink because of this. This can cause a premature aging look. Be able to eat well again, and look as great as you feel!

Dental Implants in Tijuana

What are dental implants?

The dental implant is a small titanium screw that is placed in the bone where a tooth is missing to provide a more stable and durable for the replacement of missing teeth base. Titanium dental implants were used for the first time thirty years ago.

The main component is the titanium implant itself, because titanium is one of the few materials that can perform Bone integration. The implant is accepted by the bone and merges with around.

Once the solid implant in bone the second part is a special titanium post, it can be screwed into the implant. This is called a pillar. The abutment allows fixing the end part of the implant, the crown (a replacement tooth).

The crown is normally screwed into place. Porcelain crown is made to match the color of the other teeth, so that the implants are imperceptible of natural teeth.

Healthy teeth not only give a great look, they help shape and support your entire face.

Why would you choose Dental Implants?

We believe they are the best possible solution for missing teeth today. To have a functioning set of teeth can greatly improve their quality of life.

They are the closest thing to natural teeth that is available today. The implants are incredibly strong, which means that you can bite and chew with an equal implant well with natural teeth, even with hard foods like whole apples and raw carrots.

They are very long lasting, and let you live as if all their natural teeth. They are also very versatile, and a combination of one or more implants can be used to restore the smile of someone like you, with great glare!

Dental implants feel like normal teeth, do not involve the cutting of adjacent teeth are much more than a permanent solution and prevent shrinkage of the gums and the effect of aging.

At Dental Image we have developed the skills to do dental implants that look incredibly natural.

Choosing Dental Implants