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With Dental Implants, welcome to the world of no more pain. When you lose teeth, your bones and gums may shrink because of this. This can cause a premature aging look. Be able to eat well again, and look as great as you feel!

A dental implant is a small titanium screw that is placed in the bone where a tooth is missing to provide a more stable and durable replacement for the missing tooth. They are the closest replacement to natural teeth. Implants bond to the jaw bone and become a sturdy base for one or more crowns (artificial teeth).

Implants have been one of the best tooth replacement options for over 30 years. The main benefit is that they prevent bone loss and actually stimulate bone growth.

Missing teeth cause the body to reabsorb bone. The chewing mechanism and the pressure caused by chewing are what keep the jaw bone strong. The bone structure under a lost tooth can lose up to 25% of density in the first year. Bone density deteriorates further from there.

An implant can help bring the density back if caught early enough. Once healing begins, the bone begins to bond with and grow around the implant.

Implants are made of titanium because this material was identified to have the ability to fuse with bone. A special titanium post is screwed into the implant. This is called a pillar. A crown is attached to the pillar. Crowns are available in many different materials for the patient to choose from. They are made to match the color of the remaining natural teeth.

Healthy teeth not only look great, they help shape and support your entire face.

We believe they are the best solution for missing teeth today. A fully functional set of teeth can greatly improve your quality of life.

They are the closest thing to natural teeth available today. Implants are incredibly strong, allowing the patient to bite and chew hard foods as normally as having a real tooth.

Implants will last a long time, possibly decades with proper dental hygiene. Dental Image has the skill to bring out your best smile.

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