Dental Image 4 Kids

We are your new Pediatric Dentist, start from the very beginning and help your child get the best attention possible, help them smile from a young age, so they always have a bright future.

Dental Image 4 Kids

Good dental care at an early age

Usually it happens within the first six months, but it can be different for each baby. In some they start out your teeth right after birth and some not even present teeth up to 8 months.

Almost always the order in which they start is the same, usually the first to go are the front lower teeth.

Discomfort at this time are biting, it is important to help their teeth out of the gums. As the teeth penetrate the gum tissue, discomfort starts disappearing. Massage and the application of cold can be helpful.

Pediatric Dentist, Prevention and Early Evaluation

First Dental Visit

First visit to the Dentist

Around the first birthday is the perfect time for your child to have its first review.

This enables us begin with a prevention program at an early age to keep free of cavities and other dental problems.

If you see some suspicious spots on your baby’s teeth, particularly in their first teething or have been taking baby bottle before bedtime, do not wait and always bring it to our attention if you suspect of a possible problem.

Our Dental Pediatricians, assistants and staff grow with you as your children grow into adulthood. We specialize in dental care for children in kindergarten all the way through high school. Providing you with specific attention to any school age stage.

We recommend regular visits to the dentist

Make regular dental checkups for your child. Even children with apparently clean teeth that do not seem to eat a lot of sugar, often develop small cavities. Since the “nerve” in the primary teeth is just millimeters from the outer surface, tooth decay can often reach this critical area before the decay is visible.

At the age of three your child should make regular visits with your trusted Dental Pediatrician to evaluate and improve a prevention program. For most children, it is best to have a checkup every six months.

Coming to the dentist at an early age also helps familiarize your child, this way they lose that initial fear that most children have

Make regular visits to de Dentst

Teen Dental Care


The most important thing for teenagers is image. So it’s no surprise that whitening teeth and want rights is the most important concern among adolescents.

As teenagers express an interest in beautifying your smile, it is important to stress the importance of good oral health, hygiene and proper nutrition that regularly leads to a healthy smile.

Invisalign Teen® takes a modern approach when straightening teeth. With a series of clear aligners that gradually straighten teeth, Invisalign Teen is comfortable, accessible and effective.

Have the best exceptional dental care that focuses specifically on meeting the needs of children with special development throughout the United States and Mexico.

Special Dental Care

We understand the challenges this faces and will provide a comprehensive treatment that you and your child deserve. For a rewarding experience, we take further measures for our patients with special dental needs.

We often schedule extra time for these visits so our dentist can focus on your child and offer individualized attention. Some patients require us to coordinate your care with your health care providers or specialists, we are more than willing to help.

Because your child may feel more relaxed with additional comfort measures, we can use topical anesthetics, local anesthetics, nitrous oxide and oral sedation. Likewise Dental Image has privileges at several local hospitals for very young children or children with special health needs and severe dental problems. To facilitate safe and effective care for these children, we can make our services while your child sleeps.

Special Needs on Dental Care