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Dental Image

Hollywood Smile Makeover $2,988USD

Obtain 10% cash payment discount -$298.80USD new total $2,689.20.20USD


  • Full comprehensive evaluation: Individual intraoral images and
  • X-rays, oral examination
  • 3D CT scan
  • Digital Smile Design
  • 6 Lava Zirconia or E-max Crowns and or Veneers

A-O-4 NEW YEAR 2020 FLASH PROMO!!! All inclusive package!

Save 50-75% compared to USA 🇺🇸 or Canadian 🇨🇦 prices

Maintaining top quality materials and service

All- on- 4 Upper and Lower Arch screw on denture with dental extraction required

Total for $22,000USD

🦷Phase #1 total to pay $14,048USD

🦷Phase #2 total to pay $ 7,952USD

All on 4 dental implant package Includes:

🦷Phase #1

📌FREE!! Full comprehensive evaluation includes individual intra-oral imaging, individual x-rays, oral exploration and diagnosis with a $45USD VALUE!

🔹1-Blood work exams (previous to scheduled surgery)

🔹1-EKG exam (Electrocardiogram)

🔹6hrs- Deep sleep IV sedation

📌FREE!! 3D CT scan before and after dental procedures are performed with a $125USD VALUE!

🔹2- Alveoloplasty (scrapping of gum tissue for smoothness)

🔹8- Dental implants (full titanium) biocompatible with human body

🔹4- Bone graft placement and membrane placement per

🔹20- Simple or complicated dental extractions

📌FREE!! Digital planning of precise dental implant placement with an implant specialist with an $85USD VALUE!

🔹8- Healing connectors (for stable healing dentures)


🔹2-Ensure protein shakes

🔹2-Upper and lower arch immediate healing dentures

🦷Phase #2

(3-6 months after dental implants have healed completely)


🔹8- Custom titanium abutments

🔹2-Connecting bar (full titanium)

🔹2- Hybrid acrylic final screw on denture

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