5 Dental Implant Transformations: Before and After

Have you felt self-conscious every time you pose for a photo, open your mouth wide to laugh or just when speaking in general? If this sounds like you, then you no longer need to continue suffering in silence. Opting to receive a dental implants procedure from a reputable Tijuana dentist, like the ones at Dental Image, can dramatically improve many imperfections caused by teeth needing extraction. 

Though there are a few types of dental implants, the most effective utilize a titanium screw. Why titanium? This material has been used for decades as it will actually fuse with the bone, helping stop any kind of bone deterioration and creating a long-lasting bond that won’t need replacement for years to come. (As long as it’s properly treated of course). If the facts still aren’t enough, then viewing before and after pictures of dental implants procedures can help further sway the decision. All images have been sourced from the American Society of Implant & Reconstructive Dentistry.

  1. Failed Root Canal

A failed root canal tends to be a popular reason for why a dental implant would be necessary. If a previous dental procedure has made the tooth unhealthy, you’ll want to replace it in order to keep from any possible and permanent damage that can result to your healthy bone.

  1. Missing Teeth

If you are missing a tooth, then dental implant procedures like the ones performed at Dental Image can certainly help prevent further dental problems and cosmetically improve the appearance of your smile. This procedure is a long-term solution to what can be a temporary dental problem.

  1. Periodontal Disease

Another reason many people consider dental implants is to help resolve periodontal disease issues that have rendered their smiles unseemly. Many times, gum disease leads to tooth decay or tooth loss, which if left untreated will result in a tooth extraction. Rather than damaging other healthy teeth to cover up the hole, getting a dental implant will fix just that individual one. If you have multiple teeth affected, then you can have as many dental implants as necessary filled in to complete that smile.

  1. Internal/External Resorption

If you’re experiencing root resorption then having a dental implant will stop it from continuing to destroy the tooth and possibly surrounding teeth as well. After getting the affected tooth or teeth extracted, the dental implant can resolve issues and even mask to anyone else’s eye that there was ever an issue.

  1. Severely Broken or Chipped Tooth

If you have a severely broken or chipped tooth that would need to be grinded down, extracted or even have other healthy teeth grinded down to repair, then you should heavily consider using a Tijuana dentist like those at Dental Image to perform dental implant surgery for you instead.

When you’re experiencing dental problems whether serious or just cosmetic, it is important to understand all of the options out there for you to resolve them. Nine out of 10 dental implants have a long-lasting expectancy of about 30 years and are the closest replacement to having a real, healthy tooth. While there are some risk factors of dental implants problems like loss of sensitivity or infection, though tend to be pretty rare. In a fully healthy patient, the risks of dental implant procedures are greatly outweighed by the benefits you will have from a sturdy and long-lasting dental implant. Whether you are located in Mexico or just across the border, there are fantastic options for dental implants in Mexico. A dental practice like Dental Image provides you with the comfort of expertise, patient care and reliability, while making sure your smile leaves you feeling both confident and complete.

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