5 reasons why Tijuana is becoming the #1 destination for dental tourism in Mexico

Tijuana, Mexico has become an increasingly popular tourist destination for many reasons. Its craft beer scene is emerging, the number of culinary hotspots is rising, and the cultural and artistic attractions are abounding. But a lesser known, dominating trend is coming to the forefront. Here are the five reasons why Tijuana is becoming the number one destination for dental tourism in Mexico.

  1. It is easy to get to.

First and foremost, getting to Mexico from the U.S. is a literal hop, skip and jump. With your U.S. passport, the process is very simple to cross over the San Ysidro border area from San Diego. If you have Global Entry or SENTRI designation, it is even more convenient to complete your entry. The key to the most seamless entry by car, is to arrive at the border crossing at an off-peak time like the early morning to minimize the wait time and subsequent frustration.

  1. It will save you money.

The cost of dental implants in Mexico is far better than virtually anywhere else in the world, even if you are looking to do all on 4 dental implants in Mexico. The average price range in comparison for a standard dental implants procedure is about 50 and sometimes even 75 percent less than the U.S. average. Plus, there’s another fabulous benefit that can take your cost savings one stop further. Some top Tijuana dentists like Dental Image offer the ability to leverage your U.S. dental insurance plans to provide coverage for the treatment. Not only do they accept domestic dental plans, but they also offer a complimentary consultation service. During your phone call, you can provide basic information to get a cost estimate with your policy information.

  1. It can be faster.

Due to the long wait times and extensive schedules of medical professionals in the United States, it may actually be much faster to get an appointment internationally. Many U.S. dental offices have a multi-month wait for popular dental procedures. If time is of the essence, then a Tijuana dentist may be best for you. Start by contacting some of the top dental practices such as Dental Image, and find out if they offer complimentary consultations. This perk allows potential patients to get a good feel for the practice ahead of time and ask about any possible concerns about getting dental implants in Tijuana.

  1. It is stress-free to arrange.

Another major reason why Tijuana has emerged as the top destination in Mexico for dental tourism is how seamless the process is. The most popular practices not only offer free consultations or accept U.S. insurance, but they also provide simple scheduling and appointment processes. In addition, they may even assist with transportation and logistics to make the visit even more seamless.

  1. It is an excuse to vacation.

There’s no better place to go for both a dental procedure and memorable vacation at the same time. Not only is Tijuana a top place to visit for dental tourism, but it is also a top city to visit for international vacations. Tijuana and the surrounding areas in Baja each provide unique experiences to travelers from the food and drink to architecture and history. So, if your dental procedure requires a follow up or a few days of rest, there’s no better place to do it. Your trip will be memorable due to both your happiness with the dental work and the time you spent experiencing the destination. Don’t miss these fabulous sites.

 Overall, it is clear why Tijuana has burst onto the scene as the top destination for dental tourism in Mexico. It is easy to get to. Choosing Tijuana over other locales will also save you money. The process is stress-free and expedited. Lastly, it is also an excuse to vacation. Who doesn’t want to embark on a journey that is simple and successful literally and figuratively?

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