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There are many great orthodontists in Tijuana. Choosing just one can limit the wide array of disciplines and specialists available, however, Dental Image has over 45 years of experience with 5-star customer reviews as well as state-of-the-art equipment, making Dental Image the leading dental clinic in Tijuana. We have three locations in Tijuana founded by Dr. Ariosto Manrique and Dr. Cesar Manrique and remain a family-owned practice.

Not only does dental work at Dental Image cost at least 40 percent less than in many other locations like the United States and Canada, but we also accept most major U.S. dental insurance carriers, such as Delta Dental, Metlife, Guardian, Aetna, United Concordia, and United Healthcare. 

Customer service is always a top priority, including shuttle services from the Pedwest border entry and even from the San Diego airport. Contact a patient specialist for help coordinating the details. 

Dental Image offers multiple services, including orthodontics, cosmetic procedures, pediatric, orthognathic, implants, whitening, all-on-4, and Invisalign.

Our orthodontic services include clear or metallic self-bondable braces. We also offer Invisalign clear aligners. 

Orthodontic care by Dental Image is very important as we strive to provide our patients with more confidence in their smile. Additionally, proper tooth alignment makes routine maintenance much easier and it is more effective. Improper tooth alignment can also cause problems with chewing food and even speech. 

Pediatric services, specifically relating to teen services and orthodontics. Dental Image has both traditional braces for teens as well as Invisalign Teen. We also offer extra care to kids and teens with special needs.

Orthodontic treatment
Dental Image has both traditional braces for teens as well as Invisalign Teen.

After having braces removed, often patients like to have their teeth whitened as some discoloration can happen over time. We offer teeth whitening services that can whiten teeth up to 10 shades in just 1 hour. If taken care of properly, this treatment can last up to a year. The preferred treatment is provided by ZOOM, contact us today for a consultation!

In addition to braces or aligners themselves, other procedures may be needed prior to beginning orthodontic treatment. For problems like jaw deformities, and others, orthognathic treatments may be needed. Dental Image offers these services at a significant discount over that in the United States and Canada. 

Patient care is a high priority at Dental Image. The staff speaks English very well so they can communicate with their English speaking patients. They are always happy to answer questions and assist in any way they can. 

Fortunately, our patients can also speak for us so you don’t have to just take our word for it. Our patients have indicated in their reviews that the dentists explain everything before and during procedures to help calm nerves. They have Netflix available for kids to help keep them from being nervous. The dentists only suggest needed work and don’t push their patients to undergo further procedures just to make more money. The offices are very clean, modern and high tech. 

Dental Image is verified by Dental Departures, a neutral third-party that evaluates dental facilities. Patients are very happy with the comprehensive and detailed work, the professional and attentive staff. Dental Image is also willing to work with patients regarding costs and payments, including discounts for paying in cash.

Dental Image is the best orthodontist in Tijuana Mexico. We have multiple 5-star reviews from our customers. We pride ourselves in customer service, high-quality equipment, and state-of-the-art facilities. We offer all of these excellent services at a significant cost savings of 40 to 70 percent for most services. Please contact us today to schedule a consultation!

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