Best Place to Get Your Dental Implants in Mexico: Tijuana or Los Algodones?

If you’re looking to get the same quality service with the best dental professionals in the trade, Tijuana and Los Algodones are the places to go!

Tijuana and Los Algodones are both considered dental expert locations with high star ratings, meaning they’ll offer the exact same care that you’d get back home – from places like the United States and Canada. The only factor that separates Mexico from the U.S. and Canada is the price – Tijuana and Los Algodones cut their charges by 70%, so you can save more money to spend on other things in life! That means your all-on-4 dental implants cost will be much more affordable, too.

What can Tijuana and Los Algodones offer you?

The dental procedures offered in these two Mexican cities are state-of-the-art. You can get all-on-4 dental implants, root canals, crowns, dentures, bridges, and all sorts of orthodontic procedures done.

You can select permanent tooth repairs, like dental implants in Mexico made from titanium, set into the jawbone to support the entire bridge. Or, you can select crowns, with a permanently fixed prosthetic placed onto a smaller tooth or implant for more stability.

Cosmetic dentistry is also available, including but not limited to regular cleaning, laster teeth whitening, compositing fillings, and extractions.


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How will your experience be?

Your experience will be jaw-droppingly amazing.

Once you arrive at one of the pick-up locations in Tijuana or Los Algodones, a fluent-English speaking dental worker will pick you up and drive you to the dental office that you have your appointment with. Some may even bring you to where you’re staying beforehand so that you can get settled in and go to your appointment relaxed.

Accommodations to and from the office for your first and second trip will be taken care of – the first trip is the initial surgery and the second trip is the follow-up, including healing rings, impressions, fabrication, and the filling of the crown.

If you have questions at any time throughout the procedure, don’t be hesitant to ask. All workers are there to make you feel safe and to give you confidence that the job will get done efficiently.

Dental Implants in Mexico

Are the dental offices in Tijuana and Los Algodones credible?

Absolutely. The dental offices in both towns house more than 350 professional dentists, all living up to the standards set by the American Dental Association. Plus, the entire staff is fluent in English, so you won’t have to worry about a language barrier.

Ask around and check out the reviews on specific dental sites if you’re hesitant; looking for a little additional information will never hurt you, it will only help you.

Is Tijuana better than Los Algodores, or vice versa?

To be honest, it’s mostly about location. Do you live closer to one area of the border or another? Is it cheaper to get a flight into one airport versus another? Tijuana or Los Algodones?

Both towns are specialized offices and do great work with all-on-4 surgeries, all types of dental implants, crowns, and more.

The real test for you to determine which place is best would be for you to research different dental offices in both towns. Check out the positive reviews. Yelp! is a good place to start with trustworthy information, but dental implant center Tijuana reviews and Los Algodones reviews are solid, too.

Dental Tourism in Tijuana and Los Algodones

Then, if you’re still a little skeptical of the office you’ve chosen, give the receptionist a call and ask all the questions you’d like. It’s better to remove the doubt before you go down to Mexico and follow through with your surgery.

Once your trust is entirely earned, back it up with an appointment and start planning your travel arrangements!

We’ll help you jump start your research, though. Check out Dental Image in your search endeavors for the perfect office to get your dental work done. You won’t be disappointed!


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