Can You Use Dental Insurance in Mexico?

Have you ever thought about traveling to Mexico for dental work? Many Americans are doing just that today and finding that it is far easier than previously thought. However, there’s always the concern about cost when having dental procedures done. No one likes a hefty bill to go along with a brand new toothache. Well, good news. Many services can be performed by college educated dentists at 70 percent less than in the United States. Not only that, but oftentimes you will be able to schedule your procedure and get in much more quickly. Less time spent dealing with that pesky tooth. 

Dentists in Mexico often have their education cost subsidized by the government. This combined with cheap real estate allows them to run small practices without a lot of overhead. They are then able to provide low-cost dental care to the over one million medical tourists that come to Mexico each year for affordable dental work. 

However, even though the costs are cheaper, you may still be wondering if dentists in Mexico take U.S. dental insurance? If so, that would cut your out-of-pocket costs down even more! Will U.S. dental insurance companies pay for work done in Mexico? Let’s find out!

A quick search on Google will show that yes, you may in fact be able to use your U.S. dental insurance in Mexico! 

This is great news. Dental procedures in the U.S. are so expensive that many insurance plans cover just a small amount over the routine cleanings and checkups. More serious dental procedures can become very expensive very quickly. Fillings and root canals can lead to crowns, bridges and implants, none of which are inexpensive. During these times, you might find that your coverage will not go near as far as you’d thought.

With the cost of dental work being so much less expensive in Mexico, your dental insurance would go much further. 

According to Dental Departures, an independent agency that investigates dental offices throughout Mexico, some dentists in Mexico will be able to bill your insurance directly, just like the dentist down the street from your home! Dentists that are unable to bill directly can help you with the reimbursement forms your insurance requires. 

So even though you will likely have to pay the full amount up front, chances are that you can be reimbursed by your insurance company later. After all, it saves them money too!

Delta Dental is one of the major dental insurance providers in the United States. Their Premier and PPO policies allow enrollees to obtain dental care from “any licensed dentist, anywhere in the world.” This includes all dental care, not just emergencies! 

Beyond Borders Dental, an agency that helps medical tourists make their dental care plans in Mexico, will help those with Delta Dental, Aetna Dental, Blue Cross Blue Shield Dental, Cigna Dental Insurance, DentaMax, MetLife Dental or United Concordia Dental Insurance with reimbursement forms

Other insurance providers may also cover dental work done in Mexico. You just need to contact your provider and ask! 

If you can already save 70 percent by having your dental work done in Mexico and then your insurance picks up a portion or even all of the remaining 30 percent, that makes that bridgework much less painful, doesn’t it? 

Dental Image accepts insurance plans from many U.S. dental insurance providers, including Delta Dental, Aetna, Metlife and more. Contact Dental Image in Tijuana and your dental insurance provider for more information. 


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