Dental Implants: Mexico Reviews

Getting dental work done in another country can be quite stressful, especially if you don’t know what you’re getting yourself into. Trusting dental care professionals that you’re not familiar with, getting procedures done far away from home, and paying a dental office that no one you know has ever gone to can cause anxiety.

That’s why we wanted to take all of those negative thoughts away and replace them with positive thoughts.

You’re probably wondering, «How are they going to do that?»

Dental Implants in Mexico

Easy. Simple. We’re going to gather reviews from some of the patients that have physically come to Mexico to get dental procedures done themselves. We are going to show you their exact words so that you’ll feel more confident in reaching out to get pricing plans and set up an appointment as soon as possible.

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Let’s start with Michael.

Michael’s Review on Mexican Dental Offices:

«I always knew that Mexico was a beautiful place. And when I heard about the dental procedures that they do down there, I was intrigued, but still somewhat skeptical. I’ve heard rumors about things that can potentially happen, and those rumors can be quite unsettling. But I decided to give it a try.»

«Upon arrival at the office in Mexico, my concerns were almost immediately alleviated. To start, the office was located in a very safe area. The place had exceptional service and treatment methods.»

«For me, I look for the best quality services at the best possible price. When it comes to dental services, I assume that my local provider is going to give me quality and affordability. That wasn’t the case, which is why I went to Mexico.»

«Down there, I paid about half of what I would’ve paid back home. Plus, the bilingual staff members were fully able to tell me in detail all the procedures being performed so that I understood every step of the way.»

All on four dental implants in Mexico

Leah’s Review on Mexican Dental Offices:

«A while back, I needed to have complete dental implants done. But, the cost in the U.S was really high, something I could not afford. So, a friend of mine started researching some dentist options down in Mexico. When I found the right one, I headed on down.»

«I went to Mexico, in the beginning, to have all my teeth removed and to fix the bone loss. After six months of healing, I went back down to get all of my dental implants put in. The staff was absolutely wonderful, and I left 100% happy.»

Dental Implants in MexicoKaren’s Review on Mexican Dental Offices:

«Before I went down to Mexico, I had heard such wonderful things about the dental offices and procedures down here. I wanted to give it a try myself.»

«I went to Mexico to have two crowns and two implants put in my mouth. There was absolutely no pain, especially considering they numbed my mouth and I couldn’t feel a thing.»

«I left there thinking the staff was totally great. I would highly recommend doing it. If I can do it, anybody can.»

Mexican Dental OfficesCarmen’s Review on Mexican Dental Offices:

«About two years ago, I went to a local dentist to get some work done. I was very unhappy with my smile and was looking to change some things. But, the dental office was extremely unaffordable, and I left that day with tears running down my face.»

«Later on, when I was on vacation in Mexico, I met a woman from Canada, and she told me all about how she goes to Mexico to get her implants done. They were beautiful.»

«I went home from vacation and decided to immediately book my trip back to Mexico to get started on my dental work.»

«The staff was so loving and caring – pure perfectionists. I had extensive work done, including implants and crowns, and the results were all-natural and completely unbelievable. They did even more than I expected; they were so generous to me.»

«Now, I even have one of my own close friends booking to get her dental work done in Mexico, too.»

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