Do Most Hollywood Actors Have Veneers?

It’s no secret that Hollywood has exceedingly high standards for attractiveness. Celebrities are expected to have toned and sculpted bodies, shiny, healthy, well-styled hair, blemish-free skin, and white, perfectly straight teeth. Although not every Hollywood actor exhibits these physical qualities, many do, and most either work hard for their looks or pay a pretty penny for them. One such procedure that many of those in Hollywood take advantage of is cosmetic dentistry, specifically veneers.

hollywood stars veneers

What are Veneers? 

Dental veneers are typically made from porcelain or resin and bonded to your teeth. They are thin shells that appear like natural teeth, except straighter, whiter, and overall perfect. Although sometimes people may only get one veneer, to have a perfect smile, many people get several to ensure their smile is even and natural-looking. There are two types of veneers, traditional and no-prep. Traditional veneers can be somewhat time-consuming and more painful than no-prep veneers. Which type people choose depends on several factors, such as the overall appearance, longevity, and cost.

Which Hollywood Actors Have Veneers? 

Although many of these celebrities may have had other dental work done as well, veneers must undoubtedly have been on the list, primarily because of the quick transformations of many of these A-listers. 

  • As one of the most popular leading men for the last forty years, Tom Cruise, sported very different teeth in his early acting days. Looking now, it is evident that in addition to other work, porcelain veneers made his already famous smile just that much swoon-worthy. 
  • The younger leading man, Zac Efron, had an uneven smile with a front-tooth gap during his Disney days. However, veneers created a bright white, perfectly straight smile. 
  • Hilary Duff’s almost imperceptibly crooked smile initially didn’t bother the actress and singer, but after a collision with a microphone left a front tooth chipped, she opted to perfect it with veneers. 
  • Yet another leading man, George Clooney, also took advantage of the dental technology known as veneers. You have to look way back in his filmography to find it, but in the 80s, the result of his stress-induced tooth grinding might have kept this heartthrob from becoming the George we know now. 
  • Another Disney Channel alum, Miley Cyrus, had crooked teeth in her younger years as Hanna Montana, but as she matured, so did her smile, likely with the use of veneers.  
  • Nicolas Cage is known for being a character actor, so much so that in a recent movie of his, the main character is himself. Everyone is familiar with his big, shining grin now, but back in 1984, when he started in Hollywood, that smile wouldn’t be recognizable to us today. 
  • Demi Moore’s smile wasn’t overly crooked or chipped but a bit uneven and discolored, which can happen over time, especially for coffee and tea drinkers! But, an excellent veneer procedure refreshed her smile and help Demi continue looking amazing. 

celebrities before and after veneers

It is probably impossible to know exactly how many Hollywood actors have veneers, but taking a look at some older pictures and comparing them with current ones can certainly clue us in to the possibility! 

Many of us aspire to look like celebrities, not exactly like them, of course, but elements. Perhaps you like one person’s hair color or hairstyle, another person’s fashion sense, and yet another celebrity’s smile. Fortunately, the ability to achieve a perfect smile like a Hollywood actor is within reach for many people. Veneers give us regular people the opportunity to run in the same league as those on the silver screen, at least as far as our teeth are concerned

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