Does Mexico Have Good Dental Care?

Have you ever considered going to Mexico for dental care? Maybe you know someone that has or you’ve read about it and wondered if you should check into it. Well, millions of Americans head to Mexico for dental care so there must be something to it, right? It can be scary to think about going to a different country for medical or dental care, but we’re here to tell you there are plenty of reasons to head to Mexico right now for your dental care needs! Read on and we’ll answer your burning questions, including does Mexico have good dental care?

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Mexico Dental Care Offers Plenty of Choices

There are several border towns that offer numerous dental care options in Mexico – making it easy to hop across the border for good dental care that is inexpensive to boot! Also, Mexico’s dental offices vary in terms of aescethics, technology, and space. However, that also means that you have options in cost. Not because the dentist isn’t qualified, but simply that some choose not to spend excess money if they don’t feel it’s needed for the actual work. Some of these differences come down to specialities as well! For example, dentists that specialize in complex dental implants are likely to spend more on newer technology because it is important for the specific work that they do. 

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Mexico Dental Care is Fast and Efficient

A significant complaint for dental care in the U.S. is that it is slow. The process of getting a crown can take a few weeks – first, to get into the dentist’s office, then the root canal and temporary crown is one visit, and a couple of weeks later you get the permanent crown. In Mexico, this is done within a couple of days! Why? Many dental offices have their own lab in house that can make the crowns quickly. Those that don’t have an in-house lab can utilize one of the many nearby dental labs. Because dental work in Mexico is so common, several border cities cater to this trade, both with dental related business and tourist business for Americans to enjoy during their brief stay.

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Mexico Dental Care is Considerably Less Expensive

So as great as the other reasons are, let’s be real, it really comes down to price, doesn’t it? Taking care of your teeth is important, like, really important. But, in the U.S., it isn’t cheap – even WITH insurance! In fact, many insurance policies are reimbursement policies so you still end up paying out-of-pocket up front and then hope you get reimbursed for some of the cost. Talk about nerve-wracking, right? The cost in Mexico is significantly less than in the U.S. Why? The overall cost of living in Mexico is much, much lower. This means that dentists don’t have the overhead that dentists in the U.S. have – lower wages for staff, lower office space cost, no expensive malpractice insurance, lower student loan costs. 

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Mexico Dental Care is High Quality

You may be wondering if the quality is as high as in the U.S. Generally speaking, yes! There are good and dentists anywhere, including right in your hometown, and the same goes for Mexico. But, dental tourism has become so popular that you can easily find reviews online and find a dentist you feel comfortable with! Dentists in Mexico use the same high-quality materials that U.S. dentists do, but often without the outrageous markup that is so common in the States. Many dentists have state-of-the-art technology too, but still charge much less. So check out the dental market in Mexico – we think you’ll be surprised! 

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