How Much Does it Cost to Get Your Teeth Fixed in Mexico?

If you’re not already familiar with dental tourism or if you’ve heard of it and are curious, you’re going to want to keep reading! Each year, tens of thousands of Americans travel south of the border for dental work. Why? Because even with travel expenses, it costs less to go to Mexico for dental care. There are several reasons for this lower cost, most of it has to do with a significantly lower cost-of-living resulting in lower overhead for the dentist. These cost savings are passed on to the patients!

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Common Procedures

Although a simple teeth cleaning may not be terribly expensive, combine it with any extras and it starts to add up! Or, maybe you’ve always wanted to go that extra step and have some minor cosmetic work done, like laser teeth whitening. Well, options like that are much less expensive in Mexico, plus you can have that done and take a day or two to see the sights with the money you save!

Take a look at the following list of prices for some of the more common procedures:

Common ProceduresUS PriceMexico Price
Simple teeth cleaning$140$35
Deep cleaning, scaling, and root planing$800$60
Laser cleaning$400$190
Laser whitening$900$200
Composite filling$165$45
Surgical extraction$420$80
Porcelain Crown$1,250$180
Zirconia Crown$1,600$450
Porcelain Veneer$1,100$350
Root canal$1,200$230
CT scan w/X-ray$400$150

Dental Implants

Dental implants are one of, if not the most, expensive procedures you can have done – with good reason. Implants require dentists to have extra training, especially for the more complex cases. Additionally, the materials, technology, and time are all more extensive than a simple extraction. It also isn’t uncommon for additional procedures to be required before the dentist can even begin work on the implants themselves. Because of the highest overall cost, dental implants are where most patients see the biggest savings – up to 70 percent.

The following are examples of cost differences between the US and Mexico:

Dental ImplantsUS PriceMexico Price
Single tooth implant$2,790$750
Implant, crown and abutment$4,930$1,220
All-on-4 implants$24,000$7,085
All-on-6 implants$30,000$7,500
All-on-8 implants$36,000$10,205


Because implants are expensive, even in Mexico, and some people simply don’t want to go through the procedure, dentures offer another solution for teeth replacement. Like other procedures, products, and services, dentures in Mexico are significantly less than in the United States. Following are the average prices for the US and Mexico:

DenturesUS PriceMexico Price
Partial denture$1,550$480
Full denture$1,500$250
Full denture, acrylic$1,850$250
Full denture, porcelain$2,150$350


Because braces can be quite expensive, many people view them as a luxury. But, did you know they are important for your oral health? Crooked teeth actually make it more difficult to get them fully cleaned and can lead to infection, heart disease, and more. However, that doesn’t change the fact that they are still expensive, does it? Well, in Mexico, even with travel expenses, you can save 40 to 60 percent over what you’d spent in the US!

OrthodonticsUS PriceMexico Price
Damon $3,500$805

There you have it! Plenty of reason just in cost alone to consider dental work in Mexico! Give us a call today for your consultation!

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