Why Do Americans Go to Mexico for Dental Work?

More and more Americans have discovered dental tourism, or traveling to another country for dental work – namely Mexico! So you’re probably wondering why do Americans go to Mexico, specifically, for dental work?

Significant Cost Savings

It’s an unfortunate reality that dental work in the United States is pretty expensive, even more so if you don’t have dental insurance. Even if you do have insurance, many companies don’t cover a significant portion of the cost or it may be a reimbursement program that requires you to pay everything upfront. It can be really hard to come up with the payment upfront and then wait months to be reimbursed. Because of this cost, many Americans delay dental work until it is a true emergency and often the original issue has become more complicated and more costly than it would have been initially.

Why is dental work so much cheaper in Mexico? The main reason is that overhead is incredibly less expensive – for a variety of reasons! First, the cost of living is much lower in Mexico which means lower overall wages for staff. Second, dentists in Mexico don’t carry expensive student loans like in the United States, due to government subsidies. Office space is much cheaper in Mexico as well.

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Mexican Dentists Cater to American Patients

Because the dental tourism industry is vital to the economy of some cities, such as Los Algodones and Tijuana, the dentists in Mexico make learning English a high priority, both for them and much of their staff. They rely on Americans for much of their income so they want to make sure that those patients can communicate easily. Not only do the dental practices rely on American dental tourists, but much of the surrounding businesses do as well, such as those that provide transportation, food, and goods. Additionally, many times the dental offices can also help with logistics like transportation and accommodations. 

Did you know that most Mexican dentists accept American dental insurance and many types of credit cards? Check with the specific dental offices you’re researching to be certain, but it is likely they accept common credit cards. 

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Dentists in Mexico Have High-Quality Services

Like dentists in the United States, dentists in Mexico go to school for a significant period of time and many are well-educated. Some dentists in Mexico may have even gone to school in the U.S. Researching potential dentists is important regardless of the country and you should be able to easily find that information, most offer that information right on their website as they want their patients to know they have the proper education and credentials, too. Many dentists in Mexico are also members of both American and International organizations, such as the American Dental Association

Mexico is a Great Destination to Visit

Most Americans are already familiar with Mexico’s beautiful beaches, incredible resorts, and amazing culture. The top locations in Mexico for dental tourism are Tijuana, Log Algodones, Los Cabos, and Cancun. Areas like Los Cabos and Cancun are already well-known vacation areas with plenty for dental tourists to see and do while there. Americans have frequented Tijuana since prohibition in the 1920s and its popularity has continued to grow. Los Algodones is probably the least known, but it is known as “molar city” and has an extensive established and growing dental tourism industry. 

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Plenty of Reasons to Travel to Mexico for Dental Work

As previously mentioned, there are many reasons that Americans go to Mexico for dental work. Not only does it cost significantly less than in the U.S., everything is less expensive so dental tourists can enjoy other benefits of Mexico while they’re there!

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