Best Dentist in Mexico for Implants

Dental implants are serious work. If you think about it, a prosthetic that interfaces with the bone of the jaw shouldn’t be taken lightly. This can include a crown, bridget, denture, or even facial prosthesis. The process hurts and there’s a standard recovery time for everyone. 

That’s why you should work with the best of the best for your cosmetic dental health. No taking turns to get the best price or payment plan. You go for the top tier professionals that are certified and experienced. Luckily for you, there are countless that fit that category, and they’re located right here in Tijuana, Mexico

So we ask you, who’s the best dentist in Mexico for implants? Keep reading to find out.

Dental Image is… 

A very important dental health clinic in Tijuana, Mexico. These family-owned clinics are equipped with the latest and greatest state-of-the-art technology to perform any procedure you deem necessary. Local and international patients come to visit us and we grant them the best quality oral care every time. Our highly qualified practitioners are trusted in all treatment procedures from check-ups to surgeries, and that’s a promise we can stand by. 

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What else does Dental Image offer?

Dental Crowns: If you’re missing a tooth, replacing it with a dental crown is the way to go. The functional strength that these inventions have to offer are great, and they provide a phenomenal smile aesthetic. Replace one or a few, either way your teeth will be complete once more. Durable for 15–30 years. 

Dental Bridges: If you’re missing 3 or more dental units, dental bridges are your best bet. Placement is pretty fast, and the functionality is great. Plus, the natural appearance is so spot on, it’s hard to tell you have bridges instead of full teeth. These inventions are made from materials like zirconia which are top-quality and only require simple upkeep and maintenance – like a cleaning twice a year!

Dental Veneers: If you’re looking to improve the appearance of your smile in terms of shape, size, texture, or position, dental crowns are a great starting point. Achieve natural teeth appearance and design your smile the way you want with the help of our dental professionals. It doesn’t matter if you have some that are chipped, or you simply need to reduce the space between each tooth that you already have. Made of materials like resin, zirconia, and emax. 

Dental Restauration with Resin: If you’re looking for restoration services that’ll correct cavities, holes, and fissures, our hybrid dental program with resin that’s durable and minimally invasive is your best bet. They’re definitely ideal for replacing amalgams. If you’re worried about matching the tooth’s color, throw that worry away. You’ll achieve such a natural appearance and perfectly joined surfaces that you’ll be amazed. Plus, restoring functionality and improving overall oral health is always a bonus. 

If you’d like to look at some cases that we’ve fixed, please visit this link

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If you’re interested in our membership plan and want to save even more money on your dental procedures, please visit this link. Our prices are very affordable, but if you’d like to increase your savings, we can get you there. 

As soon as you join, the benefits will start. That includes cleanings, exams, x-rays, and more! We’ll provide each patient with 100% price transparency and no deductibles, annual minimums, or pre-approvals. Wouldn’t you like exclusive discounts on procedures like fillings? Well, for 12 months, you can be a member and see if you’d like to keep it full time!

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