Zirconia Dental Implants Cost In Mexico

United States and Canadian citizens often keep their distance from dental clinics and offices. Some do so because of their deep rooted fear, others because they simply can’t afford the procedures deemed necessary to correct their smile. No matter the case, the care should not be compromised.

That’s why local countries like Mexico have stepped forward, to offer inexpensive dental care for those in need. With dental tourism increasing in popularity, dental clinics in and around Tijuana are boosting their expertise, learning operations that competing countries have offered for decades

Now, dental offices in Mexico are finally ready to help men and women of all ages and backgrounds with zirconia dental implants. With the extensive training complete and qualifications obtained, it’s time for you to head on down to Mexico to save some money and bring that smile of yours back to life.

zirconia dental implants cost in mexico

What are zirconia dental implants?

Zirconia dental implants are essentially made from zirconium oxide, a ceramic product with an inset, strong crystal structure. The zirconium oxide is naturally white, offering an aesthetically pleasing smile. That’s why most clinics are straying from titanium implants, because zirconia implants look more like natural teeth

A bonus is that once implanted, zirconium oxide does not stand apart from the natural tooth. Instead, it blends in, creating a seamless look all around. 

zirconia dental implants

How is the procedure done?

All-on-four zirconia implants entails a minor surgical procedure. Once the implants are set in place, a crown is then attached so that your smile can be restored through the use of a functioning prosthetic tooth. 

Anesthesia will be used in all implant procedures, so notify your dental team if you have any allergies to medications. You cannot leave the office without a valid driver to take you home. Staying in Mexico while you recover for the first few days is highly recommended. That way, if something needs dental attention, you can visit the clinic where you obtained the procedure. They will know the best course of action to take to numb pain, reduce swelling, and get your smile up and running in no time. 

Note: Fixing your smile does not mean that you need a dental implant for every one of your missing teeth. All-on-four provides the top and bottom of your mouth with four precisely placed implants to fully restore your smile.

zirconia dental implants cost in mexico

What are the results like?

For starters, all-on-four dental implants offers you a permanent implant-supported solution that can be done in one day. The results are immediate. Once the swelling (if any) goes away, your chewing ability, teeth stability, and overall comfort will have dramatically improved from before the operation. 

What does that mean? You can eat what you want. You can enjoy your favorite foods once again. You can chow down in public and in private!

Zirconia dental implants are great for various reasons. As we explained above, the minor procedure can restore your smile. You can look like a brand new, smiley person! 

These all-on-four implants are entirely cost effective, ultimately saving you time and energy. The specific procedure reduces healing time while alleviating emotional stress. 

Where should you go to get implants?

Dental Image can transition your smile into something beautiful and healthy. The offices are equipped with the most high quality staff and advanced technology in Tijuana. Trusted professionals conducting complex procedures, guaranteed. 

Head over to their website today! Do some research, check out their specialties, and look into their insurance policies. Call the office to book and request a consultation. 

Soon enough, your smile will be shining perfectly for the world to see!

Do not wait and make an appointment today!

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