How Do Celebrities Fix Their Teeth So Fast?

You’ve probably noticed some celebrities begin their careers with less than stellar teeth, and then suddenly they have beautiful, pearly white teeth that are straighter than an arrow! Although some celebrities, like Steve Buscemi, do choose to keep their unique smiles with crooked, chipped, or missing teeth, more often than not, they fix their teeth to look incredible. They also very frequently make the change quickly! You have to wonder – how are they getting such beautiful smiles so fast?

Tricks of the Cosmetic Dentistry Trade

Dentistry has come a long way, and dentists now have several tricks of the trade at their disposal to make celebrities’ smiles look perfect. Two of the main go-to procedures for fast smile perfection are veneers, especially no-prep veneers, and more involved procedures, such as dental crowns, bridges, and implants

Veneers were initially popularized a few decades ago, but eventually, that popularity tapered off, as is the way with many new fads. However, also like fashion, they have returned to popular status with renewed vigor, thanks to numerous celebrities taking full advantage of the speedy procedure that makes their smiles look like new!

What are Veneers?

Veneers are thin overlays that are attached to your teeth. Typically they are made of porcelain and custom-made for each patient. You can work with the dentist to create the best shape, size, and shade for your individual mouth and face. Traditional veneers require your teeth to be slightly shaved for them to fit naturally on your teeth. Many people do not like this preparation since it removes some of the enamel from their natural teeth. For this reason, dentists have created veneers that do not require this step. These are called no-prep veneers. Additionally, with traditional veneers, you must always have veneers because of the preparation. However, no-prep veneers allow you to change your mind later and have them removed. 

Can Anyone Get Veneers? 

Not exactly. It really depends on the current health of your teeth and gums. If you have gum disease or tooth decay, most dentists will not simply place veneers on top of those problems. Although veneers will hide the problem, they don’t fix it. Instead, your dentist will likely treat problems like tooth decay and gum disease prior to placing veneers. Veneers work best for stained, chipped, and small or short teeth. They cannot replace a missing tooth, but they can cover small gaps

Are There Downsides?

Veneers are a great alternative to braces and dental implants. They are quick and have very little pain or recovery time. They are very much like normal teeth. The negative really is cost, exacerbated by the fact that dental insurance doesn’t usually cover them as they are categorized as cosmetic and not functional. Additionally, they aren’t quite as heavy-duty as some other methods, like crowns or implants. They can chip like normal teeth, so care must be taken to avoid things like chewing ice and biting your nails. 

Overall, veneers are a fast, simple way to upgrade your smile to have perfect-looking teeth. Though they can be very expensive, depending on how many teeth you need covered, they usually last ten years, making them a worthwhile investment. Finding a reasonably-priced dentist is a good start towards this investment. Additionally, maybe you can get by with whitening your teeth and then only needing veneers on a chipped or cracked tooth. If nothing else, it is certainly worth looking into. Consult one of our dentists and see what we can do for you! Call us today to set up an appointment.

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