What Country Has the Most Affordable Dental Care?

Nearly one million Americans travel to other countries each year just for dental work. Why? It’s no secret that the cost of dental care in the United States just keep rising. The rising costs and the fact that approximately 40 percent of U.S. citizens don’t even have dental insurance. Moreover, those with dental insurance still pay significant amounts for dental work due to reimbursement plans and low percentage coverage. The high cost of dental work in the U.S. is the main reason that so many people have begun traveling to other countries for dental care. Even when factoring in the cost of travel, accommodations, and the dental work itself, still is less than the overall cost of dental care alone in the U.S. The additional benefit is that people can also include a few more days for vacation and enjoy their time in a different place. But, what country has the most affordable dental care?

what country has the most affordable dental care in the world

Why Do Other Countries Have Cheaper Dental Care? 

The main reason that dental clinics in other countries charge so much less is simple – the cost of living and cost of running a business just costs less. Dentists in other countries usually use the same materials that dentists in the U.S. use, as well as having similar quality facilities and training. Rent and mortgage costs in many other countries are less and because the cost of living is much lower, dental clinic staff aren’t paid as highly because it isn’t necessary. This means the overhead for the dentists is lower and those savings are passed on to their patients.

Costa Rica

Dental work in Costa Rica costs 50 to 70 percent less than in the U.S. and dentists use state-of-the-art technology. Many of the dentists are U.S. trained and follow international dental standards. 


In addition to inexpensive dental work, communication in the Philippines is very easy as Filipino people also speak English. 


Many people enjoy traveling to Bangkok for dental work as well. Thailand boasts many U.S. trained dentists who are fluent in English. Additionally, Thailand is a beautiful country. Like many of the destinations, however, travel costs can easily offset savings. 

what country has the most affordable dental care


Although Romania is technicially considered the cheapest country for dental work, the travel expense is significantly higher for U.S. citizens. 


Europeans tend to travel to Hungary for dental work. It is one of the cheapest locations in Europe, however, the cost of travel for American citizens usually offset the savings on the dental work itself. 


Boasting great hospitals and U.S. affiliated dental clinics, Panama is a good option for dental work. Additionally, Panama isn’t much further from the U.S. than Mexico. 


Like Costa Rica, Mexico’s cost for dental work is up to 70 percent less than in the U.S. However, because of Mexico’s location to the U.S., it is less expensive to travel there. Many of Mexico’s dentists have training from the U.S. and are affiliated with organizations in the U.S. as well as internationally. These clinics also use state-of-the-art technology and the same quality materials as their U.S. counterparts. For Americans that live near the Mexico border, traveling for dental work is even easier. Cities such as Tijuana and Los Algodones are extremely popular destinations for Americans seeking dental work. Additionally, the dental clinics in these cities have so many American patients that they make catering to the U.S. market a priority. 

what country has the most affordable dental care

With so many options for low-cost dental work, it’s easy to understand why so many American citizens choose to make the journey for their dental vacations

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