Why is Dental Tourism Booming in Tijuana?

Mexico enjoys a top spot in destinations for Dental tourism. This is partly due to its attractive cost for travel, and its geographical location of over 3,000 miles of shared US border. By 2010, health tourism had reached $5.5 trillion, with US citizens traveling across the border to receive almost $3 billion in medical and dental services.

Medical and dental expertise has greatly improved, drawing an abundance of traffic to experience Tijuana’s services.

The medical services, previously serving rich Americans, were great places to get attention, especially for non-essential treatment. 

However, because of the rise of healthcare costs in the US and elsewhere, and also the large number of people who do not have health and/or dental care, Mexico is an attractive destination for the rest of us.

In fact, a 2012 report to the Congress entitled “Dental Crisis in America” outlined the crisis: in all, 130 million American people in the US did not have dental insurance. The crisis has only worsened.

The US continues to experience a decline in the number of people who can afford needed dental work. At the same time, dental facilities in Mexico are building world-class facilities and top-notch expertise. Also, faster care and lower costs (sometimes as much as 80% or more lower), coupled with the spread of the English language are driving forces pulling patients across the border for treatment.

Dental Tourism in Tijuana - Dental Image
Dental Tourism in Mexico – Dental Image.

But there’s more. The growth of information technology, liberalization of trade and increased foreign investment, medical accreditations and training, low air fares and improved systems of movement across the border are all helping transform Tijuana and other border towns into highly skilled and low cost alternatives for care. In short, Mexico offers a competitive alternative market for Americans seeking dental care.

Sun—sand— sea—surgery; it’s a terrific deal, really. And US citizens are in a great position to take advantage of exclusive opportunities because of their proximity as well as great prices on travel.

Who knew that dental services could be such an amazing boon, then, for people from the US and other countries who want to cross the border for services like All-On-4 dental implants in Tijuana. Mexico

According to the Secretary of Tourism at the Baja Medical Tourism Board, there are particular variables that determine this booming success. The variables for success include the dentist’s acquisition year, the office location, acceptance of dental insurance and payments by credit or debit card or cash, and having a website and direct telephone line from the United States. Transportation assistance is also desirable.

Like birds flock to a lake, Americans and others continue to flock to Mexico for dental services. For us, the reasons are, well…reasonably simple.

Dental care in Tijuana and, other towns in Mexico is surprisingly simple, the reasons are simple—REVEALED right here:

  • Dental services in Mexico are cheaper than virtually anywhere in the world.
  • Mexico is just a breeze away.
  • Dental Care can actually be faster, especially with a quick consultation (US dentists often take forever even for a consultation).
  • You can make the trip a well-deserved vacation.
  • Arranging the trip is seamlessly easy. At Dental Image, for example, it begins with a simple—but informative—call.


Medical services in Mexico
Dental tourism in Tijuana – Dental Image.

Did you know, Tijuana is considered the ‘healthiest’ destination for  dental care in Mexico. The border city of Tijuana—located just south of San Diego, California—serves the highest inbound medical tourism in the country.

According to data from the Ministry of Tourism, in 2018, this destination received 1.7 million patients and companions (both domestic and international), often to top facilities like Dental Image.

Now is a great time to make that call.

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